Whether your only desire is to feel comfortable on a dance floor, or if what you want is to be the most amazing dancer in the room, lessons are right for you! Any goal you may have: fitness, fun, performing, impressing that special someone, or perhaps something even more personal to you, Ikhlas will help you get there.

For new dancers, a personalized curriculm will be designed for you to introduce you to all of the major Ballroom and Latin dances. Ikhlas' teaching will mold to your learning style so that you continue to absorb the material with ease, getting the most out of every lesson. As you progress, you will continue to learn new patterns, techniques, and styling that will differentiate you from every other dancer on the dancefloor, while instilling confidence and bringing out the powerful dancer inside of you.


Ikhlas can help choreograph the perfect First Dance for your special day! He has worked with many wedding couples and recommends the six lesson wedding package as a starting point. In six lessons, you will learn all of your dance steps while still being able to add polish and elegance to your choreography. You and your fiancee will be the talk of the town after your friends and family see how graceful and debonair you both look during your First Dance. Ikhlas can help you decide what dance will best fit your song and even assist with splicing music if necessary.

Scheduling is flexible and can be done around your calendar. It is recommended that you begin taking lessons at least 4-6 weeks before your wedding (the more time you have, the more comfortable with your dance you will feel).

Ikhlas can also work with groups and offer services as an instructor for entertainment at your event.


I have NEVER danced before. Can I learn how to dance?

  • Of course you can! Ikhlas has worked with many students from those with two left feet to the naturally talented dancer. In his experience, anyone can learn the basics of a dance within one lesson. Expertise coaching, exciting patterns, challenging technique and style, and the amazing fun factor all add to the excitement that will keep you coming back for more!

Do I need a partner?

  • No, you do not need a partner, but are welcome to bring one if you'd like. The price is the same for one or two persons. For solo students, Ikhlas will be your dance partner during lessons and will give you feedback as you dance. With couples, he will help you both learn how to dance together harmoniously and have fun doing it.

Do I need dance shoes?

  • Not at all! While many ballroom dancers wear shoes specially designed to help them feel the floor, they are unnecessary during the beginning stages. As you progress, you may eventually want to invest in a pair of dance shoes. Ikhlas can help you decide on an appropriate pair.

Is dancing good for my health?

  • Absolutely! Ballroom and Latin dancing offers both low-impact cardiovascular excercise for beginners and high-impact cardio and muscle strengthening for competitors and performers. Dancing has also been linked to many health benefits including weight loss, improved posture and body alignment, and even reduced risk for Alzheimers. Most of the dancing you do will involve low-level cardiovascular exercise, most of which you won't even realize you are getting because of how much fun you'll have doing it!

Is dancing expensive?

  • While private lessons may not be for everybody, dancing certainly is! Most dance parties cost as much as the price of a movie ticket. Ikhlas strongly encourages all students to get out there to practice what they are learning. Lessons will help you accelerate your dancing and the differences can be noticed immediately. Many students prefer to schedule weekly lessons, however, Ikhlas can work with you to find a plan that is both good for your dancing as well as your wallet.

When are you available for lessons?

  • Ikhlas offers lessons most days of the week and will work around your availability. Many students prefer to take lessons in the evenings after work, while others prefer mornings and afternoons. Please contact Ikhlas to schedule your first lesson.