Ikhlas began dancing in 2005 when a few college dormmates asked him to join in on a social dance class at UC Davis. It didn't take long for him to fall in love with ballroom dancing as he had a natural love for music and artistic expression. He soon joined the Spirit In Motion dance company and within two years found himself part of a Professional Ballroom Teachers Academy at Spotlight Ballroom of Sacramento. He began his teaching career just before graduating from UC Davis and discovered a passion for sharing the joy of dance with others.

As an amateur, Ikhlas competed in numerous competitions throughout Northern California, consistently placing amongst the top three in the Rhythm and Smooth divisions. As a professional, he has danced with his students at numerous competitions such as International Grand Ball, San Francisco Open, and DVIDA Dance Competition in Las Vegas. He has choreographed, coached, and performed dozens of showcase routines with his students and professionals.

Ikhlas moved to Southern California in 2011. He enjoys teaching dance so much that he converted space in his home into a dance studio so that he could continue to provide an amazing learning environment for his students. Since moving to the Inland Empire, he has discovered a love for salsa and bachata dancing (which has a huge popularity in and around Los angeles) and he loves to share these dances with new people.

Ikhlas specializes in the American Smooth, Rhythm, and salsa/bachata dance styles and holds national certification in ballroom dancing through Dance Vision. He prides himself in making dance accessible to students of all levels and caters his teaching style uniquely to every individual he works with. Beginners appreciate his simplified yet strategic approach that builds a foundation on excellent dance technique, while advanced students are always challenged to grow with his aggressive attention to movement, styling, and footwork.


"My fiance and I had purchased 6 lessons to prepare for our wedding reception's first dance. We did not know what kind of dance we wanted nor were we very good at dancing. Ikhlas was so patient, helpful, and encouraging that it made the lessons so enjoyable and fun that we looked forward to them every week. He took our song and choreographed an an amazing dance that was fun and elegant. We highly recommend Ikhlas to anyone who wants to dance to impress or just have a great time with their spouse."

- Jennifer & Kameron

"Not only is Ikhlas a skilled dancer, but he is an incredibly gifted teacher. He is enthusiastic, patient, and knows just the right way to explain things. You can't help but grow as a dancer with his guidance."

- Margaret

"Ikhlas is an inspirational teacher - his choreography and technique push you to the next level of mastery. His professional and friendly demeanor make dancing fun."

- Sandra

"Ikhlas is an amazing dance teacher, he is very patient, very kind. Dancing with him is always a magical experience."

- Lizzie

"I have had the privilege of working with Ikhlas for almost four years now and have truly enjoyed my time working with him. I've performed showcase pieces that have helped me improve my dancing, remind me of how much fun I have dancing and show me the potential of where I can go. Every lesson has given me a chance to grow as a dancer and he's got such a great nature that it makes the lessons fun."

- Erin

"Ikhlas is a wonderful teacher - I've had the opportunity to perform 3 showcase routines with him and 1 routine which he helped to choreograph. After each performance, I'm always told how amazing the choreography is, and that's all because of Ikhlas! He's very patient during lessons and always gives 110% of his attention to his students. Whether you're preparing for competition or a showcase piece, you will never go wrong with Ikhlas."

- Lalana

"Ikhlas is elegant on the dance floor and off. He has a way of making you feel special, like an individual, rather than just another student, and he has a genuinely good personality. If you're wondering about his dance skills, you won't be disappointed. He can be masculine, more masculine than any other male teacher I've come across. He can also be elegant in a more delicate, feminine way, so much that it can trump almost all of the female dance teachers I've come across, too."

- Courtney

"Ikhlas, you were absolutely amazing! We were a bit scared initially going into dance lessons, but you made us both feel very calm and relaxed about learning our first dance together. You made the experience fun and casual and we both really appreciated this. In the midst of our hectic wedding planning, our dance lessons were a nice and fun break from it all and gave us a chance to fall into each others' arms and just laugh together. I personally learned to let my husband lead, not only in dancing but in other aspects of our life, which I'm very grateful for. As soon as we get the time, we would love to come back to your studio. Thank you again, Best Dance Lessons Ever! You made this an amazing experience."

- Rachael & Joseph.